Cancer Resources-Every Patient an Information Donor

Here at C4KC we hope to get every kidney cancer patient to be an information donor.  By donating your information we can better understand how kidney cancer affects your life and how we can best treat you and other patients who get the disease.  Watch for opportunities to donate your information in the near future.


There are many great resources online for background information on Kidney Cancer or Renal Cell Cancer.  Here are a few.  If you find others, let us know

Wikipedia   National Institutes of Health   American Cancer Society    Kidney Cancer Association   University of Minnesota  Cancer Research UK


Patient Support/Social Media

Smart Patients    Kidney Cancer Support in Minnesota  Renal Cell Carcinoma Facebook Group    Kidney Cancer Sucks Facebook Group   Kidney Cancer Survivors Facebook Group


Predictive Models

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center     Fox Chase Cancer Center


See Kidney Cancer Focused Charities



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