Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia

Mt. Kosciuszko

Mt. Kosciuszko Success


Kidney Cancer doesn’t respect gender, race or country borders.  In fact, it is diagnosed in nearly 400,000 people every year around the world.  The Climb 4 Kidney Cancer Team is headed to Australia to climb the highest point on the continent Mt. Kosciuszko.  We can take this chance to illustrate the global reach of kidney cancer and highlight some facts about kidney cancer in Australia while we climb with a Kidney Cancer patient from Sydney.

Mt. Kosciusko is located in the Snowy Mountains in Australia’s South East corner.  This mountain range is also known as the Australian Alps.  It rises about 2,228 meters above the level of the sea which is remarkably close the the number of people who are diagnosed with kidney cancer in Australia each year (2847)



Patient Story

We will be climbing with a kidney cancer patient name Graham Clayton, a patient of Dr. Manish Patel.  Graham had a partial nephrectomy and is doing well.

Kidney Cancer in Australia

Kidney cancer rates of new diagnosis (incident) and death from kidney cancer (mortality) in Australia.  Thanks to Manish Patel, a urologic oncologist in Sydney who specializes in treatment of kidney and other urologic cancers for the graphs.

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