Patient Stories

Share your story to prevent a story!

“Words are how we think; stories are how we link.”  ~Christina Baldwin

Share your story on Sept 17th at TCF Bank Stadium.  No need to register to share your story with all those who have, or will have to fight against Kidney Cancer.  We will collect stories in the Club Room.

How does it work?  Find a loved one to interview you about your kidney cancer experience.  Think of some good questions, here are a bunch of examples at the Story Corps Website.

Get your cell phone onto the voice recording app or voice memo.  Introduce yourselves and your relationship.  Then the interviewer can ask a question and listen and record.  The interviewer can also add his or her memories.  Then magic happens as we begin to understand each other.

Once you are finished, and it doesn’t have to take long, head up to the Club Room and we can transfer your interview to the Climb 4 Kidney Cancer Patient story repository.  Or you can keep it to yourself.  But if you share it, you can help us fight cancer.  We will not identify you by full name on the website and we may share your story juxtaposed to climbing stories.  Together we will help give hope to the 300,000 people diagnosed with kidney cancer around the world each year.

Telling Stories to Prevent Stories

The stories of patients with kidney cancer need to be told and you can help by telling yours!  Read some of the stories of others and please add yours.  By sharing your story, you help others see how kidney cancer impacts lives.  Once the impact is understood, they become allies in helping us to prevent more kidney cancer stories from happening.

Please submit your story and if you give us permission, we can match it with a climber.  Your story will give added inspiration to any climb and offers hope and meaning to others with kidney cancer.   You may see your story featured on our web page or social media outlets!  Please click here to submit your story.

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