March Stair Madness

March Stair Madness

March is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month.

Please join us each week as we climb enough vertical steps to conquer a Mountain. Let’s climb in honor of all Kidney Cancer patients.

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TCF Bank Stadium is “on hold” for the Climb 4 Kidney Cancer. The University of Minnesota will confirm the date this summer once all schedules have been finalized due to our current pandemic.

Week 1: ULURU – Ayers Rock in Northern Australia

To make it to the top of Uluru- climb 258 vertical flights of stairs (there are 12 steps in a flight of stairs) this week. If climbing stairs is a challenge please walk 61,920 steps – only 8845 every day. 

Mt. Uluru (image taken from google)

Week 2: Devil’s Tower

This week let’s continue our journey and climb an additional 214 vertical flights or 51,360 horizontal steps to reach the top of Devil’s Tower.  

Devil’s Tower National Monument is located in Wyoming.  

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