A Note from the Climb 4 Kidney Cancer CEO and President regarding COVID-19

Dr. Christopher J Weight climbing for a patient

Dear Climb4KC Community, 

You may have heard that the risks of complications and death from COVID-19 are much greater if you have other medical conditions such as heart disease, chronic kidney disease or cancer. It is only natural for the kidney cancer community to wonder how COVID-19 might affect us given the fact many of us, or our loved ones, have both a history of cancer or kidney disease.

We’ve gathered some quotes from some of the top kidney cancer experts to help answer patients’ questions about how kidney cancer and the novel coronavirus COVID-19 impact each other. This content is quoted and originally found on the Kidney Cancer Association Website and the Uromigos podcast. The KCA has gathered some great resources, you should check it out if you’re looking for more understanding on this topic

Maintaining normal operations
The C4KC and its staff are operating as usual and in keeping with our mission and vision. This means we are still funding research programs, hosting the Virtual International Everest Challenge, supporting people who want to fundraise, and planning for the future.

Visit our COVID-19 information and resources page
We’ve compiled some information and resources that we feel may be most useful on our COVID information and resource page.

Share Patient’s Stories
Patient’s Stories is a place to read and share your experiences so that others can understand what you’re going through. You can even be anonymous if you choose or share stories of family members.

Staying connected
We will continue to share updates on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

In this critical time, we want you to know we are here for you.
While everything seems so uncertain and unsure right now, better days are coming. We have a great work to do to climb out of this valley of despair. There remains an urgent need for sustained cancer research that will lead to advances in understanding how COVID-19 and kidney cancer interact. This current need helps to further define our mission and serves as a compelling call to action. Therefore, I hope you will stay connected with us and join in our continued focused efforts to raise the vital resources still needed to rid us of kidney cancer. Join the kidney cancer community around the world in the International Everest Challenge as we continue to climb towards the summit.

Stay well,
Christopher Weight, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer 
“Together we’re infinitely strong”

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