About Us

Our Mission

We climb to promote wellness, research, and to elevate and celebrate those affected by kidney cancer

Our Vision

We will keep climbing 4 kidney cancer until we reach the summit and there are no more kidney cancer patients to climb 4.

Our Values

1. 100% of all donations and 100% of net earnings go to kidney cancer research and advocacy*
2. Promote healthy outdoor lifestyles to prevent cancer and cancer recurrence
3. Tell patient stories through stair climbing, rock climbing and mountain climbing events around the world
4. Use the symbolism and imagery of climbing to elevate and celebrate those affected by cancer
5. Prioritize research that explores the connection between wellness and cancer prevention and treatment

Our Mottos

Conquer Together
Just Keep Climbing
Together We’re Infinitely Strong
Do Good



Climb 4 Kidney Cancer is a division of Team8, a 501-c non-profit organization.  Join us as we tell stories of patients around the world to bring attention to this often overlooked cancer.  We are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Cleveland, Ohio.  We are in need of volunteers please email us at hello@climb4kc.org. Our logo attempts to capture some of these ideals

Team8 Mission

We climb to promote wellness, research and to elevate and celebrate those affected by cancer

Team8 Board of Directors

Chris Weight, Julie Card, Nathan Honson, Molly Reppenhagen, Jacob Albersheim, Joseph Zabell, Resha Tejpaul, and Mike Cofrin

Team8/Climb 4 Kidney Cancer Organization and Commitment to Donated Dollars

We cannot meet our goals without the help of many, many wonderful volunteers or Team8s (teammates) as we like to call them.  Volunteer and become our Team8. See the organizational structure and look for opportunities to volunteer.  We are committed to maximizing your contributions so that they go where you (and we) want them to go.  We commit that 100% of donations from individuals go to Cancer Research.*  No board member is paid for serving on the board.  Your contributions do not pay for travel for climbs we do around the world either.  These are all self-funded climbs.  We also commit to donating 100% of the net proceeds of all climbing events.

*Some corporate donations are given to support specific programs or events, but 100% of private/individual donations and corporate contributions stipulated for research will go to research funding.

Original Logo Design/Branding

Cue Labs, CEO and President, Nick Lamoreaux

Website Design

Christopher Weight, Nate Anderson

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Contact Us

Climb 4 Kidney Cancer is a Program/Division of Team8
6440 City West Parkway
Eden Prairie, MN 55344