Alex, a senior from SES, climbed for Steven Haslam

Alex loves the outdoors, as well as vintage cars
Steven with his wife and daughter, just before being diagnosed with kidney cancer















Alex is a Boy Scout extraordinaire.  Not only has he participated as a scout himself for years, he has served as a scout leader and camp counselor at Tomahawk

Alex is second from left at the high point on the mountain

Scout Camp in central Wisconsin.  He is an honor student and loves the outdoors, but this is his first time up a mountain.


Steven was diagnosed with kidney cancer when he was only in his 40s after seeing blood in his urine.  This was extra shocking because he’d been healthy his whole life, he had a young child and his father in law had blood in his urine just the week before and was also diagnosed with kidney cancer!  They were both operated on at the University of Minnesota one week apart and they both ended up staying in the same hospital room!  Because of the size of Steven’s tumor and his younger age, Steven has about a 50% chance that his cancer will come back, but now he is several years out and both he and his father in law have had no recurrence of their kidney cancers.