Mr. Brooks Autry, a teacher at SES, climbed for Sandy Schmitz

Sandy, with her husband and beloved dog.
Mr. Autry is an outdoor enthusiast, teacher and connector of youth with nature













Mr. Brooks Autry is a teacher at SES.  He loves the outdoors and was a founder and director of a non-profit organization called Midwest Expedition Camp as well as a trail leader with the non-profit organization, Wilderness Inquiry.  He has a wealth of outdoor experience and taking young people into the beautiful, wild places of this earth.  He is one of the key reasons this intensive theme became a reality.  He is married and is a father of a one-year-old baby girl.

Sandy Schmitz was diagnosed with a 5.1 cm right side renal mass concerning cancer in 2013.  There were also some liver masses and a left adrenal mass as well and she was initially told that she probably had metastatic disease.  This is a grave diagnosis because if you take 100 patients with metastatic renal cell cancer only around 8 will still be alive in 5 years.  However, there were some features of her kidney mass that suggested it may not be metastatic.  She underwent a liver biopsy and adrenal removal and both showed no sign of cancer.  She then underwent a robotic partial nephrectomy on the right side.  She has been free of cancer ever since!  She also serves as a member of the Team8 Climb 4 Kidney Cancer board, trying her best to help others who face the same challenge she has to face every day.