Benjamin Simpson- 2020 Climb4KC Scholar

Ben is a native of the Twin-Cities, growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before starting medical school at the University of Minnesota, Ben studied biochemistry at Macalester College just down the road in St. Paul. Outside of studying, he likes to play soccer and basketball with friends and take his dog Winston to the dog park.  He became interested in medicine while working at Hennepin County Medical Center after graduating college, finding that medicine is a unique field where you can make a tangible difference and have an ever-changing career. Ben is interested in studying kidney cancer because the field is utilizing cutting-edge technology to combat a problem that is becoming more prevalent in the U.S.  Ben will be joining the team of C4KC scholars in the summer of 2020. He will import CT scans of abdominal kidney cancer and cysts to train an artificial intelligence program to better detect and diagnose kidney cancer. He is excited to see how machine learning can be applied to kidney cancer to better patient outcomes. Your donations to C4KC allow students like Ben to participate in such meaningful research, thank you so much!