Bill Loppnow

We climbed Mount Temple for Bill Oct 2019

1942-2019 No longer worried about kidney cancer

Bill Loppnow was 61 years old when he was first diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Bill did not know he had cancer and accidentally found out when he went for a CT scan/MRI for another issue. He battled kidney cancer for 16 years during eventually getting nearly every treatment possible including: surgery, chemotherapy, surgery again for removal of cancer from the omentum and portion of the lung; and was treated with Sutent, Avastin, and Opdivo/Yervoy.

He enjoyed golfing, fishing, biking, swimming, and spending time with his family.

He also enjoyed photography as well and could often be seen with his Cannon camera around his neck. He particularly loved wild-life photography so it is fitting that we climbed for him in such a picturesque place.

Bill with some of his favorite photos!

During his treatment, his wife Barbara and his family were his biggest supporters. After worrying and struggling against kidney cancer for so long, Bill is no longer worrying about cancer.  He passed away June 2019.  His family climbed for him a few months later at Break the Bank 2019.  His son is an Emergency Medicine physician at the University of Minnesota.

Before passing away, he celebrated his 50th anniversary with his lovely wife Barbara

Dr. Weight with Greg Loppnow, high on Mt. Temple