Citlaltépetl Reception

Students and Patients Met Saturday April 7th, 2018 at Vertical Endeavors, Bloomington

Patients and students will meet Saturday April 7, 2018

In Feb 2018, 8 students, two teachers and a doctor went to Mexico to attempt to climb the highest point in Mexico, the 3rd highest Point in North America and the 7th most prominent mountain in the world.  Each member of our team carried a photo of a patient who was battling with kidney cancer.  The students and the patients met and share their stories at Vertical Endeavors, Bloomington (9601 James Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55431), April 7th, 2018.  Kare11 was on hand for the event and they broadcasted this video on the 10 o’clock news.

A warm thanks to Vertical Endeavors for teaming up with us on this event and hosting for free!

Kare11 Reporter Bryan Piatt sitting down with Laura Ferster
Bryan putting on the microphone so we can hear Laura’s story
Brooks Autry a Climber and Teacher at SES, talking with his ‘patient’ Sandy Schmitz and her Husband Mickey
SES students present the check $3500 to Masonic Cancer Center Representative Dr. Arpit Rao at the University of Minnesota
Enjoying the food and the company.
Sophie Cutshall, a SES climber, shows pictures of the climb to Marilyn Green a patient and her daughter