Students, teachers and a doctor from the Twin-Cities are Headed to Mexico to Climb 4 Kidney Cancer Feb 2018!

Read about the trip report and meet the climbers and people they climbed for

In February 2018, as a part of a high-altitude physiology class at the School of Environmental Studies, 8 students, 2 teachers and 1 doctor are headed to one of the world’s largest volcanoes.  This monstrous volcano is called Citalaltépetl or the “star mountain” by the Aztecs and is 18,491 feet above the ocean.  It’s Spanish name is Pico de Orizaba.  It is truly a star among the mountains and volcanoes of the world.  Not only does it rank as the highest point in Mexico, but it is both the tallest volcano and the 3rd highest point in all of North America.  Because it rises from the ocean on Eastern coast of Mexico, it comes in as the 7th most prominent mountain in the world!  It often casts a shadow onto the surrounding lowlands for miles and miles.

Students will learn about the physiology and adaptation of the body to lower levels of oxygen and air at elevation increases.  Check out the slides for the course.  In addition, each student will climb with a photo of a patient who is fighting cancer and will try to take that patient’s photo to the top.  We are still looking for kidney cancer patients to submit their stories and have one of our team members climb 4 you!  You can submit your story at the following link, or just email us at or message us on Facebook.  We will be raising funds for kidney cancer research.  100% will help fund several kidney cancer scholarships at the University of Minnesota. Click here to help.

See the media coverage of our climb and see photos of the transformative experience.

Citalaltépetl or Pico de Orizaba rising high above everything around it. Photo Credit Wikipedia
Excited to be partnering with Servimont Guide Service run by Dr. Reyes! Photo credit Servimont