Climb to Space Team Challenge

Earn the Astronaut Award by collectively climbing to space as a team!

We know the Everest Challenge is cool, but it is an individual challenge. Imagine what you can do with a team of family and friends all doing the Everest Challenge!  You could collectively Climb to Space for Kidney Cancer!

The Climb to Space Team Challenge: Climb to Space (80647 meters or 264,000 feet, 50 miles) as a team between June 18th, 2020 to Dec. 31st, 2020 reaching ‘orbit’ and posting and tagging us on social media.

Teams:  You form your own team with as few as two team members and as many as 12. If you have more than 12 from your team and organization please form 2 teams for the Climb to space challenge.  Your collective totals will still be reported as teams.  Registration is free and you select your team from the “Yes, add this registrant to a team created by someone else” option when registering.  Please email us at if there are questions or problems.  Individual climbers can only be on one team.

Reporting:  You each report individually as part of the Everest Challenge (see Everest Challenge Official Rules), but if your name is connected to a team, your weekly individual numbers will be summed with your team numbers and these will be reported on team challenge page.  You don’t have to do anything else once you’ve formed a team, but encourage your teammates to keep climbing.

Climbing Averages to be Successful: Teams of 12 are most likely to reach the goal because the number of steps climbed is distributed among more climbers. Here’s a breakdown of how many feet each team member needs to climb if the climbing is distributed evenly among the team members.  Of course if you’re smart, you’ll find some climbing junkie who wants to climb more than her fair share and you get to climb less!  Tips for success.

Team members       Meters to climb/teammate
12                               6721
11                                7332
10                                8065
9                                8961
8                                10081
7                                11521
6                                13441
5                                 16129
4                                20162

Prize: Earning Astronaut status is a prize to itself.  Very few people can claim to have climbed to space.