Dianne Maddox

Brig climbed for Dianne.

Dianne is the blond on the right back

When asked about what she felt when diagnosed with cancer these are her thoughts,

“My love and focus is all for my kids. They are my heart and my world. They have been there for me through the best times in celebration and the worst times to make me stronger. 

Thinking back to the day I was told I had kidney cancer was a shock of all emotions. Why me? Then it hit me… why not me? I’m strong determined to fight and I have the best village on my team. We are stronger together and can over come what we are faced with. From day one it was We Got This and almost a year later we still got this.  Changing to a plant based diet has been wonderful!! Not only is it healthy for my body it is a great conversation with others and I have been able to talk my journey with my new way of eating and help others to try and eat healthier!!”

Dianne had a large kidney tumor that was replacing her entire right kidney and a little bit was also growing into her vena cava, which is the largest blood vessel in the body.

Dianne’s tumor in her right kidney (left of screen) with a small thrombus in her vena cava