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Kidney Cancer Research Scholarships, Kidney Cancer Deep Learning Research Project, 3D Printed Kidney Cancer Models for Surgical Planning and Education, Past Project: Automated Kidney Cancer Detection, Past Project: Gene Therapy, Past Project: Kidney Cancer Patient Education Tools: Read about the Scholars and Research Projects

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Kidney Cancer and Lack of Funding

Kidney Cancer is severely underfunded compared to other cancers.  Though kidney cancer falls in the top ten most common cancers, there has not been the same level of advocacy for kidney cancer compared to other top cancers like Breast, Prostate, Colon and Lung.  We’re trying to fix that.

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Donate directly today. Your your donation will be made to Team8. Climb 4 Kidney Cancer is a division of Team8, a 501-c non-profit dedicated to raising money for kidney cancer research. Learn more about us.

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