Devils Tower Team

Meet our Team

Sean McAdams-


I am a Resident physician entering my final year of training in Urology at the University of Minnesota. In college I went on a long road trip around the country exploring our National Park System – including Devils Tower. Since then I have maintained a passion for the outdoors and have enjoyed any opportunity to climb rocks and mountains. My wife Alison and I reside in Golden Valley MN with our young daughter, Blake Ivy.  Check out Sean’s Video and show support here.





Chris Weight-

La Campana

I am a urologic cancer surgeon at University of Minnesota.  One of my areas of interest is Kidney Cancer.  I’ve always loved to be outside in nature and I love taking care of patients with kidney cancer.  Climbing 4 kidney Cancer is a fusion of these to loves.  I feel strongly about raising money and awareness for kidney cancer research since it is so underfunded compared to other cancers.  Please consider supporting us as we attempt to climb this incomparable rock tower.  Check out Chris’s support page here.




Thomas Griffith-


I oversee a research laboratory in the Department of Urology at the University of Minnesota. Our research focuses on the development and testing of immunotherapies for kidney cancer using models of metastatic disease. We have made some exciting findings, and out goal is to move these observations into the clinic to help patients with this devastating disease. I am especially passionate about increasing the awareness and support for kidney cancer research, as I recently had my father pass away because of the complications from metastatic kidney cancer.

Gautam Jha

Mike Wright