Everest Challenge Success Tips

First Step: Register by clicking –> here.

Climbing 8848 meters is hard!  That is approximately 50,000 stairs!  This is a tremendous challenge, but getting to the summit always has been and will be. Once you complete the challenge you’ll have that satisfaction of climbing the equivalent of the world’s highest mountain!  It becomes achievable when you spread the climbing over 6 months, starting on World Kidney Cancer Day June 18th and climbing until Dec 31st, 2020.  If you complete the challenge, you will burn on average ~20,354 extra calories (estimate for a 150-160 lb person).

Remember any physical activity counts.  There are two options to participate: 1) horizontal steps-all horizontal steps (or steps converted from any physical activity) count.  20 horizontal steps are converted into one step up.  Most phones, pedometers etc track horizontal feet automatically, 2) vertical steps-in this division, only vertical climbing counts. Many phones (iPhones), some wearables (certain models of Fitbit, Garmin, other GPS trackers etc) also track elevation gain. Any self propelled elevation counts including climbing stairs, hills, mountains, rocks, indoor rock climbing, climbing ladders and trees etc.

Most success will come if you pace yourself, but you can certainly wait and cram at the end.  Of note, you can only enter 1950 meters per week because we want to encourage lifestyle changes in physical activity over weeks to months.  Climb to reach the Milestone Mountains until Sept. 15 when registration for both the Everest Challenge and the Climb to Space Team Challenge closes .  See Official Rules or FAQs if you have questions.

Form a team and join together to climb to space!

Sometimes climbing is more fun with friends and family!  Why not get a team of family and friends to join The Climb to Space Team Challenge and become eligible for the C4KC Astronaut Award?  This challenge is for your team to collectively climb to space, 80467 meters or 264,000 feet!  Sound impossible?  Check out tips below for success.

Options for Success in the Everest Challenge

Option 1. Uniform climbing every day 

To complete this option, you must climb ~14 floors, ~47 meters, or ~300 stairs per day.  This also translates into about just under 4 minutes of stairs per day (assuming climbing one stair per second (average stair=0.18 meters/7 in).

Option 2. Uniform climbing every week day + periodic exercise 

This may be the most common option.  With this option you just increase your daily physical activity.  The average person will climb about 5 floors per day.  So if you climb those 5 floors during the week days and then do two short 8-minute work outs (one stair per minute) during the week.  Of course you can mix this up any way you like.  You could do nothing all week, but then you’ll have 28 minutes of stair climbing to do over the weekend to keep up.  Or if you climb 10 floors per week day, that leaves you only needing to climb two short 5 and 1/2 minute of stair/hill climbing on the weekend.

Option 3. Whatever combination you like.  You just have to propel yourself up 8848 meters.  You could do a 1 hour hard core workout for 60 minutes every two weeks and you’ll succeed, but most people are more successful with slow steady daily physical activity, including stair climbing.  Commit right now to increase your physical activity

Can’t climb stairs, but still want to participate?  Check out the conversion chart and participate in the horizontal climb. hello@climb4kc.org for details on how you can still ‘climb’ with us.

Climb to Space Team Challenge Options

You can form a team with as few as 2 people and up to 12 people.  You can create/join a team when you register, we’ve already pre-populated the IKCC affiliates. Your team needs to collectively climb 80647 meters (264,000 feet) between June 18th, 2020 and Dec 31st, 2020.  If you only have two team members, each needs to climb 40324 meters.  That is a lot.  But, if you have 10 on your team each member only has to climb 8065 meters.  Climbing doesn’t have to be equal.  If you can find a teammate willing to climb 20,000 meters herself, the rest of you only have to split the 60467 meters.   Teammates help us keep going when we want to give up, just like you need a great team to help in the fight against cancer!  See FAQs.  If you want to compete in the team challenge, but don’t have a team, email us at hello@climb4kc.org and we can help get you on a team.