Climb 4 Kidney Cancer- Everest Challenge

 YOU can climb the equivalent of the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest (Chomolungma) 8848 meters (29,029 feet)
Here is how in four easy steps:

Step 1: Register for Free by clicking here.

Step 2: Get moving-Any physical activity counts!  Start taking the stairs: It only takes ~4 minutes per day of stairs to ‘climb’ Mt. Everest over 6 months.  You report your progress in a weekly email prompt.  Can’t do stairs? No problem, we have options to convert all physical activity to steps towards your goal.

Step 3: Tell family and friends and make a team and collectively you can also climb to SPACE: If you get 10 or more people on your team it each ‘climber’ only needs to 3-4 minutes a day of intense physical activity to earn the Astronaut Award!

Step 4: Virtually ‘Summit’ or ‘Enter Orbit’ with us by Dec. 31, 2020: Complete your climb and post and tag on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages!


Everest Challenge Details-See Official Rules

The Everest Challenge: You register for free at the following link.  The challenge is to climb the equivalent of Mt. Everest’s (native name Chomolungma) 29029 feet above sea level. This is a COVID friendly, adaptable challenge to whatever current state of social distancing your country may be involved in. The good news is you get to climb Mt. Everest safely, doing it bit by bit in your own environment by your own propulsion, i.e. stairs, hills, rock walls, ladders etc, starting on June 18, 2020 and finishing in Dec. 31, 2020 Can’t do stairs? We’ve got options for you too, see how any physical activity can be converted below.  How to be successful.

The Climb to Space Team Challenge, form/join your team of kidney cancer supporters and collectively climb to space (264,000 feet) and get the Astronaut Award.  How to be successful.

How is my climbing recorded:  This event is 100% self report.  You will get a weekly email to enter the number of steps you have climbed (horizontal and vertical can count) for the week.  To make the tracking easier, we recommend you use an automatic tracking/wearable device.  We realize this is all self report and it can be gamed/cheated, but really why would you do that?  We’re climbing for kidney cancer patients and we’re climbing for your health.  Your body will know if you’ve cheated.  

Why Climb?  Physical activity can help prevent kidney cancer and improve survivorship for those affected by kidney cancer. Not only is stair climbing one of the best simple changes you can introduce into your daily routine to improve your health, you also can raise money for kidney cancer research.  We know stairs aren’t everyone’s thing. Therefore we’ve developed an option that any physical activity can be converted into steps. These horizontal steps count too. If you need inspiration or a patient to climb for, connect with us at and we can match you with a kidney cancer patient to climb for.  When you’re feeling discouraged, you can take courage in your patient’s courage as they bravely faced surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

Who do I help by climbing?  Yourself and Kidney Cancer Patients.  All money raised through this event goes to fund kidney cancer research.  Create a crowdfunding page when you register and get your family and friends to pitch in as you’re working your tail off climbing stairs.

Milestone Mountains:  Each step you climb increases moves you towards milestone mountains on the way to the top of Everest.  See the milestone mountains here.

If you donate $25 when registering for the Virtual Everest Challenge you will received a hat as a THANK YOU.