John French- 2020 Climb4KC Scholar

I was born in Pasadena, California, but grew up in Idaho just outside of Boise. I attended college at The College of Idaho, where I played soccer for their men’s soccer program. Through my studies, I earned a triple major and triple minor in the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics/Physics and Business, History, and Religion, respectively. Between my time from graduation to attend medical school at the University of Missouri, I worked as a CNA, chemistry instructor, research scientist, and hemodialysis technician. My passion for learning about the kidney came from my time as a hemodialysis technician for Fresenius. It was truly remarkable to see how two small organs play such an integral role to maintain our homeostasis and health, and what happens when they are not functioning properly. Seeing patients who suffered from kidney cancer inspired me to want to help investigate better ways to identify and treat kidney cancer. I am excited and fortunate to be working with Dr. Christopher Wright’s group at the University of Minnesota, where they are using artificial intelligence and deep learning to automatically identify kidney and kidney cancers. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, exercising, and getting outdoors, especially to go hiking in the mountains.