Joyce Lindgren

Joyce Lindgren passed away in 2016 from Kidney Cancer.  Her smile was infectious and she made everyone feel good about themselves when she was around.  Her cancer was discovered incidentally and she fought the cancer with every tool she could including two surgeries a partial and radical nephrectomy, radiation and her strong faith.

Joyce with her loving husband

Joy loved her family and God. She enjoyed music, reading, traveling, writing and watching my children and grandchildren thriving.  She also loved spending time with family.

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Joyce Surrounded by her loving family!

Some of her final thoughts were,

“When it came time to make the decision about continued treatment or hospice, I chose Hospice. Fairview Hospice team was one of the biggest blessings to me and my family, and afforded me the ability to stay at home with my husband and my dog, Annie and have my family around me throughout my last days and nights. I enjoyed music therapy, hypnosis, aroma therapy, massage therapy and healing touch – all of which brought me increased comfort in dealing with the disease of dying. It’s important to talk about death and dying with loved ones and family. We talked and prayed and cried… and we were prepared.”

No matter the situation, Joyce had faith enough to smile!

Joyce E. Lindgren (12/16/34 – 5/20/16) is no longer living with cancer, yet remains a strong presence and positive influence in the lives of all who knew her.

Those who live great lives influence those who are younger and their influence courses through multiple circles of life.
Joyce had a team of loved ones in her corner, cheering her on.