Billy Koenig, a SES teacher, Climbed for Laura Ferster

Billy Koenig, father of two, husband of one and teacher of many
Laura continues to work through it all and be the “best mother in the world”












Billy Koenig loves the outdoors and gets together with friends each year to explore nature through climbing, hiking and camping.  He went to the Paris Climate talks in 2014 and is dedicated to understanding how to sustainably live on this beautiful planet.

Laura has an amazing story.  She was working as an attorney and started having severe headaches years ago when her son was small.  When the headaches didn’t go away and even got worse, she finally went to be evaluated for the cause.  She was shocked to be diagnosed with a brain tumor and that had actually originated from her kidney and spread to her brain.  Amazingly this was exactly 7 years ago to the very day that we were in Mexico.  It was also her son’s 7th birthday.  She has been through many surgeries, immunotherapies, radiotherapies and targeted therapies.  She continues to move forward against this formidable foe with bravery and candor.  Her dedicated husband, who teaches school and has an interest in music, dedicated an album to her.  His name is Bob Frey and you can find more about him and listen/buy his music at this link.