Liam, a SES Junior, will be climbing for Dr. Mark Peterson

This was also Liam’s first attempt at mountaineering.  He is often more comfortable listening to or playing music, but he was up for the challenge.  Liam, a Minnesota native and not a stranger to the cold, was surprised by how cold the mountain was, especially before the sunrise at 5,000 meters.

Liam loves music and plays several instruments
Dr. Mark Peterson is a surgeon as well and has cared for many patients with cancer himself











Dr. Peterson is a well known ob-gyn surgeon in Mankato.  He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine and Franklin Square Hospital Residency Program.  In his practice, he has cared for many patients with cancer.  So it seemed a cruel twist of fate to have the roles reversed and to become the patient with cancer.  Dr. Peterson has been doing battle with his cancer for years now and has had surgery, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, surgery again and targeted therapy again.  He is still battling hard against his cancer and giving his all.