Milestone Mountains

As you climb to the summit of Mt. Everest (Chomolungma) as part of the Everest Challenge you will pass many beautiful peaks along the way.

Once you pass this, you will get an email with a digital badge congratulating you on the achievement. See the list below and go conquer that next peak!
Mountain Elevation (meters)
Pic Paradis-Highest Mountain in St. Martin 423.97
Goat Fell-Highest point on the Isle of Arran and they Corbett in Scotland 914.40
Ayers Rock Uluru-Australia’s best-known natural landmark 862.88
Ben Nevis-Highest Mountain in the UK 1345.08
Devils Tower-1st National Monument in US 1558.14
The Spectre- World’s most remote peak 2020.00
Mt. Kosciuszko-Highest Point in Australia 2228.08
Half Dome-Iconic Yosemite Monolith 2694.13
Mt. Olympus-Home of the Gods 2916.94
Mt. Saint Elias- Second Highest peak in both Canada and USA after Denali 3429.00
Mt. Fuji-Highest Point in Japan 3775.86
Mt. Kinabalu-Highest Peak in the Borneo’s Crocker Range 4094.98
Matterhorn-World’s Most Picturesque Mountain 4478.12
Mount Blanc-Highest Point in the Alps 4810.05
Citlaltepetl- Highest Point in Mexico 5636.05
Kilimanjaro-Highest Point in Africa 5895.14
Denali-Highest Point in North America 6190.48
Anconcogua-Highest Point in South America 6961.02
Kongur Tagh-Highest peak in the Pamirs and the nearby Kunlun Range 7648.95
Makalu-One of the most difficult Mountains in the world to climb. 8485.02
K2-Highest Point in the Karakoram Range 8610.91
Everest-Highest Point in the World 8848.04