Nolan, a SES Senior, climbed for Mark Nordeen


Nolan was one of the few students with some previous climbing experience.  He’d climbed Mt. Fuji, Mt. Hood and several 14ers in Colorado.  Though Nolan had a good sense of what climbing a mountain was like, he was surprised at how hard it was to climb when you have less than half the oxygen available at sea level.  Nolan, made it to just over 17,000 feet, which was higher than he’d ever been before by nearly 3,000 feet!  Nolan has a climbing heritage of sorts, and is related to Jim Klobuchar through his aunt.  Mr. Klobuchar, a Star Tribune writer, was an early adopter of an adventure lifestyle and climbed the Matterhorn many times.

Mark with his loving family
Nolan and the cactus










Mark has been doing battle with kidney cancer for several years now.  His battles have included surgery, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy among others and he has traveled to many doctors around the US to gather the best information and give his best in the fight against kidney cancer, just as Nolan gave his best in this ascent of Citlaltépetl.  Mark’s wife is a doctor and that has helped them to navigate the complex US health care system (though it sometimes causes a little more worry because you know a little too much).  Mark’s wife also serves as a board member of Team8 Climb 4 Kidney Cancer non-profit organization.