Team8’s mission is carried out by the president, vice president, chief operations officer, chief legal counsel, and secretary. The president reports to and coordinates with the Board of Directors to ensure the mission is carried out. The duties are outlined below.


Board of Directors (13 members)

Board members must commit to attend board meetings and organize committee meetings for their respective divisions.

 Cancer Survivor Committee Chair 


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Represents the patient committee to the board of directors. This committee chair oversees the survivor executive committee (composed of all patient chapter chairs as the organization grows) and all patients affected by cancer and is responsible for presenting patient-centric ideas. Must have been diagnosed with cancer and be a strong advocate for patient priorities the organization of Team8 should pursue regarding activities and events, research agendas, and educational needs.

Stadium Climb Chair 

Julie Card

Responsible for overseeing all Climb 4 Kidney Cancer climbs around the world. Accountable for recruiting the race directors for each stadium climb and assuring each race director has the tools and volunteers to carry out a safe, legal, and fun climbing to meet the mission of Team8. This chair works closely with the other chairs to ensure the fundraising, public relations, development, etc., for each event, is in order.

Communications and Branding Chair 


Responsible for the overall brand of Team8. This chair develops and approves all branding treatments. He or she oversees the overall appearance of the apparel, websites, social media, videos, and advertisements to make sure they promote Team8/Climb 4 Kidney Cancer’s mission. Oversees the Team8/Climb 4 Kidney Cancer branding committee.

Development Chair 

Molly Reppenhagen

Responsible for working with potential private and corporate donors. This chair works to develop relationships with potential donors, helps identify ways of attracting donors, assures that donors get what they were promised, and ensures all donors receive proper recognition on our social media and websites. This chair is vital to the organizational structure. It helps meet one of the organization’s critical needs to help fund as much cancer-related research, provide patient-centric education materials, and tell the stories of cancer patients around the world. Oversees the Team8 development committee.

Research/Education Chair 


Responsible for helping to identify research priorities in distributing the funds raised by Team8/Climb 4 Kidney Cancer. This Chair typically should be a researcher in cancer, with either an M.D. or Ph.D. He or she should have national and international connections and be a leader in the field. This chair works closely with the Cancer Survivor Committee chair to make sure research projects are aligned with patient priorities and is mandated with funding research that focuses on understanding the connections between wellness and cancer prevention and prevention of cancer recurrence. Oversees the Team8 research committee.

Cancer Family/Advocacy Chair 


This chair has a loved one affected by cancer. He or she works closely with the cancer survivor committee chair. This chair oversees the cancer family/advocacy committee composed of family members/loved ones who have been affected by cancer. This chair represents the point of view of family and loved ones to the Executive board and helps keep the priorities of the board patient-centric. Also works with the research chair to help set research priorities.

Collegiate and Scholastic Chair 

Dr. Jacob Albersheim

Responsible for recruiting, educating, and coordinating Team8/Climb 4 Kidney Cancer’s efforts with those in college or younger. This chair will help teach the connection between a lifetime of wellness and cancer prevention. He or she will also work to recruit volunteers for Team8 Events and oversee the organization of smaller events tailored for youth only. Typically would be a college or medical student. Heads the Team8 youth committee (composed of chapter presidents). Works to organize chapters at universities and high schools.

Evaluation and Measurement Chair 

Dr. Joseph Zabell

This chair aims to evaluate and measure Team8/Climb 4 Kidney Cancer’s activities and assure that they align with Team8/Climb 4 Kidney Cancer’s mission statement. He or she tracks growth of social media followers, website data, participation in events, studies funded, presentations delivered, papers published as a result of the activities of Team8. Oversees the Team8 evaluation and measurement committee.

 Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer


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Responsible for keeping track of all donations and financial transactions related to Team8/Climb 4 Kidney Cancer’s mission. Assures that any reimbursement is done correctly and timely. Delivers receipts of donation letters to all Team8 donors. Provides information and works with the Chief Legal counsel to properly ensure taxes are filed each year.

Director of Volunteers Chair


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Recruits volunteers. Maintains lists of past volunteers and assures that volunteers’ needs are met. Coordinates the volunteers’ efforts for Team8’s activities, especially with the stair climbing, mountain climbing and rock climbing chairs. Develops relationships with other volunteer and non-profit organizations.  Should be good with people and able to motivate and communicate well.

Corporate Wellness Chair


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Works to establish relationships with corporations and help design wellness programs for those corporations especially educating corporations and employees about the connection between exercise, healthy eating and wellness, and cancer prevention. Supports coordinate of Team8’s activities and mission with said corporations.  Should have a background in wellness programs and desire to help design and implement wellness programs.


IKCC Liaison and Public Relations Chair

Resha Tejpaul

Responsible for the direction and oversight of all communications with the media, advertising of events, social media, and website design.  He or she will also work with the International Kidney Cancer Coalition.  This chair should have a strong background in advertising, social media and mass communication. This chair will work to develop media partners and ensure that the social media and advertising helps achieve the mission of Team8/Climb 4 Kidney Cancer. Oversees the Team8 public relations committee.

Rock/Mountain Climbing Chair 


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Liaison between the rock climbing/gym climbing and mountaineering communities and Team8/Climb 4 Kidney Cancer. This chair should have a strong background in mountaineering and rock and gym climbing and be able to help connect the climbing community with the cancer community. He or she would be responsible for organizing mountaineering and rock/gym climbing events that encourage cancer survivors/family members to climb, raise awareness of the connections between wellness and cancer prevention and cancer recurrence and underscore the symbolism of fighting against cancer and climbing. This chair would also help climbers to tell the stories of patients who have been affected by cancer. Oversees the Team8 rock/gym climbing committee.


President – Dr. Christopher Weight

Chief Operations Officer – Julie Card

Chief Legal Counsel-Nathan Honson

Co Founder-Mike Wright (1964-2019) After a 15 year battle with Kidney Cancer

Can’t commit to serving as a board member?  No problem, we have volunteer opportunities for everyone.  Check them out and become a Team8 volunteer!