Ranveer Vasdev- 2019 Climb4KC Scholar

Ranveer’s family is originally from East Africa, India, and England but he was born and raised in Rochester, MN! Before coming to the U for Medical School, he studied Music Performance and Neurobiology at UW Madison! In his spare time, he plays and teaches music, lifts weights, and plays with his two Shih Tzus!

In high school, he thought he wanted to become a professional bassoonist and perform in an orchestra. But that didn’t last long! After playing music for patients in his freshman year of undergrad, he quickly became very interested in medicine and, subsequently, biomedical research. He is specifically interested in studying kidney cancer because it’s the perfect blend of purpose-driven clinical research, cutting-edge technology, and community engagement through the Climb 4 Kidney Cancer organization!

As a C4KC scholar, his research was to manually segmented Abdominal CT kidney cancer and cysts using available images. The fundamental goal is to use machine learning to better diagnose kidney cancer. For the average patient, this means a more accurate and, potentially, earlier diagnosis and prognosis. This information can better guide treatment and the potential to improve the quality of life for patients with kidney cancer.

Thank you so much for supporting our research!