Meet Sarah, a senior at SES and Eastview, climbing for Peggy McCourt

Sarah is used to stress.  She has gracefully balanced schoolwork, jobs, church and musical instrument practice for years and was recently featured in the newspaper after scoring a perfect 36 on the ACT.  But Sarah was surprised by the difficulty and physical stress that comes from climbing at such high altitude.  Sarah said climbing Citlaltépetl was the most physically demanding thing she’d ever done, and gave her best despite being affected by acute mountain sickness.  She may return one day and try again.

Sarah in Tlachichuca
Peggy counts the years since her diagnosis by the age of her grandson











Peggy was diagnosed with kidney cancer several years ago.  It was particularly scary for Peggy because her father had died from kidney cancer years before.   She underwent surgery within days of her grandson’s birth, and wondered if she would ever have a chance to get to know her grandson.  Her surgery was successful and there is no sign of cancer now for several years.

As each day passes and she watches her grandson grow, she is grateful to be alive and tries to make the most of each moment.