Sean Thomas McSweeney- 2019 Climb4KC Scholar

Sean grew up in Burnsville, MN, and attended UW-Madison for undergrad (Go badgers!!). In his free time, he likes to spend time with his friends and family, staying active by going to the gym, watching sports, and reading. His friends and he were on a hot streak of trivia wins this summer, so he’d like to continue that going into the fall.

He loves the continuous learning that you get from medicine. We are constantly improving our techniques and practices while using cutting-edge technology to help improve the health and lives of patients. Kidney cancer is becoming more common, especially in younger adults. He likes the challenge of finding new approaches and therapies to treat kidney cancer, while also addressing modifiable risk factors causing the increase in kidney cancer cases.

As a C4KC scholar, he was involved in the current research using artificial intelligence algorithms to predict pathological characteristics such as if a tumor is cancerous or not. It provided him with a great summer research opportunity after his first year of medical school, and the C4KC research fellowship encouraged him to pursue a career where he would perform medical research.

Thank you so much for donating to such a wonderful cause, and making the fascinating research I’m involved in possible!