Shali, a SES senior, climbed for Gary Davis

Shali has all kinds of talents.  She is full of spitfire and determination.  She trains in Brazilian Jujitzu with her dad.  She created a funding page and has raised more money for kidney cancer research than any of her peers so far.  One of the things she loved about climbing Citlaltépetl was being so much higher than the clouds and watching the sunrise and sunset from such a height.

Gary was diagnosed with an unusual type of kidney cancer called urothelial cancer.  This type of kidney cancer forms in the part of the kidney that collects the urine.  He underwent chemotherapy and lost all his hair!  Fortunately, it grew back, because you can really use that hair when you are hunting and camping, two of Gary’s favorite pastimes.  Urothelial cancer of the kidney has a chance to get washed out in the urine and start growing in the bladder so Gary needs to have his bladder scoped every 3-6 months to make sure it hasn’t come back.  Currently, however, he’s many years out without any sign of recurrence!