Sophie, a senior at SES, climbed for Marilyn Green

Sophie basks in the warm Mexican sun
Marylin was surprised by her cancer at a relatively young age.











This was Sophie’s first attempt at mountain climbing, and she says, “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done!”  Sophie’s fundraising page can be found at the following link.

Marylin was surprised to be told there was something wrong with her kidney when she got a scan to follow up on other health concerns.  Her tumor was just under 2 centimeters long, and she had a robotic partial nephrectomy.  Fortunately for Marylin, the entire tumor was removed through small incisions and more than 90% of her kidney was spared.  She left the hospital the following day.

Small mass in the right kidney on the left side of the screen
MRI showing the irregular enhancing pattern of the mass

Marilyn had an unusual type of kidney cancer called high grade papillary renal cell cancer.  This kind of cancer only comprises about 5% of all kidney cancers.  She had her surgery in the late fall of 2017.  So far she has not needed any chemotherapy, and is hoping that she caught it early enough to be cured.