Todd Feldman

We climbed Mt. Temple for Todd Oct 2019

Todd Feldman was a 55 year old Investor/Stock trader who experienced symptoms such as blood in the urine, lost weight, etc. When he sought medical help, he was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. His family was shocked, sad, and determined to win the fight, so for 1 year, he underwent a combination of multiple treatments including surgery, radiation and systemic therapies in the fight.

Unfortunately, his family remembers the weight loss, lack of appetite, bone pain, fatigue, and rapid progression that occurred. In 2019 after a valiant struggle, Todd passed away from kidney cancer.

He was a man who loved to hike, spend time with the dog, watch the Wisconsin Badgers, listen to the Grateful Dead, and enjoy the company of his daughters. He was fortunate to have the support and love from his daughters and partner during the most difficult time of his life. The best advice they can give newly diagnosed patients of kidney cancer is: “Be with those you love, and stay positive.”

Dr. Christopher Weight holding Todd’s picture. Todd loved the outdoors and would have loved being out in such pristine wilderness