Together we are Infinitely Strong

The C4KC team is headed to climb the highest mountain in Mexico!

Save the Date for Break the Bank August 25th 2018 at TCF Bank Stadium

Logo Explained

Our Logo and Purpose

                       Our Purpose             IMG_0975

                        Climb 4 a Cure                                 devils_tower_wy1

                        Kidney Cancer Information                   Slide1


Global Story Telling Initiatives

We are trying to tell the story of Kidney Cancer by Climbing around the globe. Climb4 Kidney Cancer Team Successfully Climbs Devils Tower, Sept 2014, Half Dome Sept 2015, Mt. Kosciuszko Oct 2015, Mt. Whitney May 2016, Matterhorn and Mt. Blanc 2016, Eagle Mountain Mar 2017, Mount Washington May 2017.  See the full list.


Visor with the valley floor far below. The air is clean, the wind cool, there is no noise! The battle against gravity was hard, but the view is worth it.


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