Terry Bowen

Terry and Lisa’s beautiful family
 L to R (Lindsay Bowen -daughter, Jace Bowen – grandson, Lisa Bowen, Reed Bowen – grandson, Terry Bowen -kidney cancer survivor, Katie Bowen – daughter in law, Todd Bowen- son (also featured Dixie the dog)

We climbed for Terry at Zion’s National Park in Utah-See photos

Terry Bowen grew up in Dansville, Michigan on a small farm!!  He milked cows and worked on the farm before his 38 year career with the county Road Commission.  Lisa worked for the schools for 43 years before retiring this past year. Terry and Lisa married in 1977 and raised two children, Todd & Lindsay.   Todd has his own real estate investment company after working in a environmental engineering career and Lindsay is an Assistant Coach for Campbell University women’s basketball program after graduating from Michigan State University playing 4 years as a college basketball player. 

Terry Bowen is 66 years old and hurt his back in June 2021.  During MRI found a lime size cancerous kidney tumor.  Thank God for his back injury!!!  The journey began for healing!!!   
We talked to many family and friends and decided to give Cleveland Clinic a try for a second opinion. The Urologist we found in the Lansing area wanted to “just take out the whole kidney, we have no other choice!”   We knew in our hearts that there may be other options.  We called Cleveland Clinic on a Thursday, they scheduled us to see Dr. Weight the NEXT Thursday.  It was such a gift to get in so quickly!! 
We drove to Cleveland, met with Dr. Weight and right away we were scheduled for surgery on July 16, 2021. Dr. Weight shared that he could possibly take a portion of the kidney as the tumor was removed.   A full kidney removal may not be necessary.  We were shocked and pleasantly surprised and had so much such confidence in him that we said, let’s do it!!!

6 weeks from learning he had a cancerous tumor in his kidney, surgery was complete, only partial kidney was removed along with tumor and Terry has 85-90% of his kidney function!!!  
Terry’s recovery was exceptionally easy after his 3 hour surgery because he has always been one to take care of his health.   Terry walks 10,000-15,000 steps every day, stretches every day, never sits, rides bikes, plays tennis & pickle ball, builds furniture in his wood shop, spends winters in Florida, and has two of the most active, busy, fun loving grandsons which is ALL significant in healing!!!  

1st – biking in Venice Florida2nd – supporting grandson’s motorcross hobby3rd – Terry & Lisa vacationing on Venice beach4th – grandpa chillin on the water in Grand Haven Mich 

Terry also learned how to meditate which helped him change his thought patterns from doom and gloom to positive, healing thoughts.   This is one of the hardest things in learning about a health issue that you have no idea which direction it will take you. He also quickly changed his lifestyle of eating to a more whole foods, plant based, no sugar way of eating. 
6 weeks from surgery he was back to normal life enjoying all the things he loves to do.   

Michigan wineries are amazing especially when you’re with
all the people you love so much!!!