Tony Day

Tony Day entered the world as a heroin addicted baby in 1964. Despite his harsh beginning, he flourished as an ice hockey player while living in Minnesota. He was starting to be scouted by the NHL as a young teenager. At age 15, during a routine sports physical, a lump in his neck was discovered. It turned out to be stage 4 Hodgkin’s Disease. He started harsh treatments and was given little hope of beating the cancer. Needless to say, his promising NHL hockey career came to an end. His family had to relocate to Ohio in the middle of his treatment. It was there where he met Teresa, who would eventually become his wife. She was fighting the same illness. Most of the other cancer stricken children they met at the hospital and became friends with, did not make it. But, Tony and Teresa held on to hope and remained positive.

Fast forward a few years and while both remained in remission, Tony and Teresa decided to make a move to CA so that Tony could pursue his new passion for playing guitar. It was an adventurous decade for them. Tony had a popular band and they played at all of the famous LA clubs. In addition to having fun with the band, Tony and Teresa had a successful business until 1994, when another major event changed the course of their lives once again. The Northridge earthquake epicenter was less than a mile from their home. Most of their belongings were destroyed. After selling what was left of their business, they made the decision to move back to Ohio and start over once again. They settled into a house on a lake and life was good for many years until Tony was diagnosed with heart problems. He needed a triple by-pass and valve replacement. He came through the surgery with flying colors.

In 2016, Tony was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He came to Cleveland Clinic for bladder removal and a neo bladder. He did fairly well until 2021. After a lengthy absence from regular check ups (due to Covid) it was revealed that he had a possible reoccurrence into a kidney and ureter. That led Tony to meet up with Dr. Weight for confirmation of the preliminary diagnosis and also then removal of kidney and ureter.

Tony and Teresa have been extremely grateful for the wonderful physicians and surgeons they have had the good fortune to be connected with along their journey through this crazy life!